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This sexy little petite brunette girl is on her first day at the spa as a towel girl, and she is in charge of making sure her clients get all the towels they need and she has been told to always go above and beyond her duties to guarantee their satisfaction. When she hears some noise coming from the sauna room, she takes a peek, to see if her clients, a beautiful blond and brunette, might be in need of more towels. She’s quite surprised when she sees the women totally drenched in sweat, naked and eating each other out! They are both mature women, with smoking hot bodies, juicy bubble butts and incredible big tits! The young girl can’t help feeling a tingle between her legs. Two naked women look amazing, the brunette fondles her big tits while the blond eats her out and when the towel girl accidently slams the door; they realize they are not alone. The teen girl walks in innocently, asking if they need lotions or towels. The cougars know she’s seen them, and to make sure she doesn’t snitch on them, the girls strip her naked, sucking on her nipples and rubbing her pussy! The towel girl has never been in a situation like this, but her nipples are fully erect and her little pussy is gushing, she’s so turned on! She sucks and their big tits and eats the MILFs out while they finger and lick her tight pussy. The women sandwich and dominate the small girl, the steam in the sound and makes her sweat buckets as they take turns making her lick their assholes, shoving their fingers in her mouth, her pussy and her asshole! Fantastic mix of girls, they are super hot! I love the size difference. She is one brave little cutie. Those are some burly manish lesbos…I’d fuckin run from those brutes! But she loves all they do to her! She groans in helpless despair as these two naked women hold her legs and fucks all her holes with their fingers and tongues. More cunt juice spills out of her, the young girl is cumming non-stop now… again and again… The mature lesbians make her eat them out, suck their clits and tongue fuck their assholes. If she loves women they want to show her what real lesbian hardcore sex is all about. Don’t miss more brutal, anal, sneaky lesbian scenes.



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