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  1. Russell | 26 March 2017, 16:28

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  2. Russell | 26 March 2017, 16:26

    If you go to xvideo’s then search Charity Crawford (FYI that’s her name) then find the video then it will tell you the hull story and so he sleep walks in her room when she is masterbating and the dad calls his name and she pushes him on the bed and shuts the door and the dad opens the door and asks he were he is if he skips out on mowing the lawn again then he is going to be grounded for a month she shuts the door and starts masterbating on him and the ducks him.

  3. Anonymous | 26 March 2017, 13:06

    I think he is dead

  4. Anonymous | 26 March 2017, 00:50

    Imagine what he report to the police. So sad no one would belive him :’(
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    The dad seems awful chill about his daughter sleeping with his stepson.

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  22. Anonymous | 24 March 2017, 03:48

    Wait wtf im in precalculus I havent learned integrated trig wtf is this

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    Charity Crawford

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