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When I saw the mailman delivering a big box to my sexy next door neighbor the curiosity got the best of me, I needed to know what she got! I sneaked into her place and found her sitting on her living room couch wearing some sexy lingerie, with a huge rubber cock by her side and a pair of virtual reality glasses on! She couldn’t see me, and she was obviously watching some hot virtual reality porn, since she had her hands all over her sexy body, massaging her titties and rubbing her dripping wet cunt! She took off her pink shorts, leaving just her black lace top on while she masturbated herself to the hot virtual reality smut. I wanted to get a better look, so I sneaked up, sat on the couch close to her and started jerking my big throbbing cock. She reached over and grabbed my cock, jerking it hard, as if it was part of the whole virtual reality experience! I think she caught up with reality, since she took off the glasses and realized she was jerking the real deal! The girl was a bit upset when she realized I had sneaked into her place and I was masturbating while watching her, mostly because I know she has a boyfriend, but I could tell she really liked playing with my huge cock and still wanted some more, so I invited her to keep playing. After all, real cock beats virtual reality cock any day of the week! The hot teen babe knew that virtual reality smut would turn her on but wouldn’t get her off so she picked up where she left off, sucking and stroking my massive boner. Where in hell did these young 18 year old girls learn how to suck huge cocks so well? As she sat there with my cock in her mouth, mmm, she looked so young and beautiful, slowly sucking the head of my big cock and licking the tip with her soft tongue, kissing it and playing with it. She moved her tiny hand up and down on the length of shaft that she couldn’t fit in her mouth. She sucked my cock head, licked with her tongue inside her mouth, her teeth lightly grazing the sensitive skin of my cock and she stared into my eyes. I imagined how I would cum all over her cute face, my sticky cum on her lovely lips, her nose and cheeks. After giving me head, she spread her legs and raised her eyebrows at me, questioning, well what are you waiting for? She looked good naked! She had a perfect little body. Nice long legs, sexy flat and hard tummy and her breasts! Her pussy was shaved baby smooth and her ass was so firm and round. I came closer and rammed my huge cock deep inside her bald pussy. Her eyes had gotten big, the look of pleasurable surprise on her face. ‘Oooooooh!’ she gasped as my balls squashed against her asshole, her little, pink, smooth pussy completely enveloping my horny rod. Her pussy was really tight, and I played with her titties as she put the virtual reality goggles back on and continued watching her smut with my big juicy cock as a reality enhancement accessory, LOL!



I rubbed her slit and clit with my thumb while pounding her, arousing her so much, she just had to lose the goggles and focus on the real experience. The petite girl straddled herself on top and push my fat cock deep inside her tight cunt, letting me know how much more she enjoyed my cock versus her boyfriend’s. He obviously doesn’t know how to pleasure a sexy girl like her, otherwise she would have to resort to buying virtual reality goggles to satisfy herself. I groped her titties while making her ride on my cock, then I placed her sideways on the couch, pounding her hard from behind while she moaned and grunted. She rubbed her slit, begging me to cum all over her face. Fuck, what a nasty bitch! Of course I did, watching her lick and swallow every single drop, sexy!



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