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My friend sat on her chair and our naked teacher impaled her ass on his cock, riding him anally in reverse cowgirl while sucking on my hard cock. She ordered my friend to lie flat on his back so she could sit on his lap, and while he fucked her asshole she made me get on top, fucking her pussy. Yes, believe it or not, we were double penetrating the teacher in the classroom! Suddenly she began to yell “Cum in me, You two, Cum in my holes together! Oh shit!” I realized I was cumming in her ass together with my friend cumming in her cunt. We slid our cocks out of her, spunk was leaking out of both her holes! That was incredible! I had never cum so much or so hard, I could hardly believe how much cum there was. The teacher told us she didn’t want us masturbating in the bathroom anymore. Anytime we were feeling horny we could stay after classes with her and double penetrate her pussy and ass and give her all our young fresh cum! Now everybody wonders why we always stay late after classes, it’s so unusual for teens to love staying in school so much, LOL! If they only knew!



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