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It’s a busy day at the farmers market and while this farmer takes a bathroom break, his beautiful wife takes over their stand. A random customer approaches her, interested in her melons. They look so ripe and sweet. The farmer can’t get it up, so her only source of marital satisfaction comes from the ripe vegetables she uses to masturbate with. This guy looks well hung and she starts teasing and flirting with him, right behind the farmer’s back! She even grabs a gallon of milk and pours it all over her delicious melons! Then the slut crawls under their vegetable counter and grabs the customer’s hard cock, sucking and stroking in right there in the middle of the crowded market! The farmer leaves for a few moments and the customer watches amazed how his wife deep throats his massive cock all the way down to his balls, slobbering and drooling all over his shaft. It looks like she hasn’t had a decent dick in a very long time! Some passersby even get a glimpse of the hot action going on in the vegetable stand and consider forming a line to see if they can get some of that first class customer service, LOL! The customer strips the farmer’s wife naked and bends her over their vegetable stand, ramming his hard cock deep inside her dripping with pussy and banging her hard from behind. His cock feels so much better than the carrot and cucumbers she usually fucks herself with! He jams his fingers in her mouth so she can suck them while fucking her and sits on a nearby stand so she can straddle herself on top and ride on his cock. She makes a squishing sound when she bottoms her pussy on his big cock. The naughty farmer’s wife rubs her hot cunt while riding the customer’s cock, hoping her husband doesn’t come back before she gets to cum! Yes boys and girls, this girl is a world champion cock rider. Naked babe flips over so he can play with her titties while she grinds her juicy bubble butt against his lap. He lifts her, cradling her in his arms while pounding her muff in standing position. After fucking all over the vegetable stand, the customer blows his load, spraying hot and sticky cum all over the farmer’s wife’s face, open mouth and big, ripe melons! That’s how you sell some milk and melons, mister farmer man!



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