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My girlfriend’s mom doesn’t let her have any boyfriends over, much less at night, but I was feeling so fucking horny, I sneaked into her garden and rattled on her bedroom window. I knew her mom was home, I saw her car in the parking lane, but I needed my sexy blonde girlfriend so bad! She was even wearing that sexy top and skimpy shorts that get my dick so fucking hard when I see them on her! She told me I could stay, but had to keep it real quiet so her mom wouldn’t notice I was there. She got down on her knees on her bed with a naughty smile on her face, telling me how much she missed me, but she was so much better at showing me, sucking and stroking my throbbing erection. She drooled all over my cock, just the way I like it. I love feeling her warm saliva dripping down my shaft and balls and the way she spreads it all over my genitals with her hands and mouth. My girlfriend can play with my dick all day long, but we didn’t have time for it. Her mom could catch us. After sucking my cock she strips naked on her bed, softly caressing her pussy and inviting me to masturbate her. Her cunt was shaved and felt so fucking soft as I played with it, making her moan and grunt with pleasure. She turned over and got down on her hands and these, showing off her juicy bubble shaped ass and I spread her lovely butt cheeks with my hands so I could slide my hard cock between her tender pink pussy lips and fuck her doggie style from behind. I shoved my hard dick between the ass’s cheeks rigth into her warm and wet, waiting slit. My girl leaned forward, pressing her face against her pillow, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks, showing off her adorable pink rosebud. It feels so good she said, looking into my eyes, smiling and licking her lips. I grabbed her hips and held her still ramming my cock down and pausing with the head resting at the opening of her cunt, feeling her dripping down, and then ramming my cock deep into her again. Her juicy ass smacked against my crotch as I pounded her hard, that has got to be one of the sexiest sounds ever! I just hoped it wasn’t loud enough for her mom to hear us! She made her ass cheeks wiggle with her hands as I fucked her from behind and kept her cheeks spread wide open so my cock could go as deep inside her tight cunt as possible. By the time she gets really turned on, I don’t even have to keep fucking her, I just stays still and she pushes her butt against my cock while looking over her shoulder with a sexy smile. She told me she wanted to get on top and I lied flat on my back and let her straddle herself on my lap and riding me cowgirl style. “Climb up on top of me. I want to see how much you enjoy it.” My girlfriend spread her pussy lips and directed them on me, slowly lowering herself onto my waiting cock. She spread her knees and started bouncing up and down on my stiff cock, thrusting herself against me, grinding her clitoris against me.



She was totally lost in her pleasure. This is an awesome position because my girlfriend can control the humping and I can help her out, rubbing her clit while admiring her beautiful face and her lovely tits. Of course I also enjoy when she flips over and I get to play with her juicy bubble butt, just watching how her pink pussy burger swallows my cock whole. After fucking her hard on her bed I was ready to cum, blasting cum all over her face right as her mom opened up her bedroom door! She saw me standing there naked and cumming in her daughter’s mouth! I tried to stop but I couldn’t and my cock kept shooting one jet after another of hot cum. My girlfriend had not seen her mom and kept swallowing all cumloads, a little awkward, LOL!



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