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I was driving down the street when I saw this sexy blond in a white top and denim skirt getting her purse ripped off by some burglar. As he dashed down the street, I pulled over, telling her to get in the car so we could chase after him. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch him. This poor girl was really in distress, she lost her house keys, cash to pay a locksmith, her phone to call somebody. She asked if I could give her a ride to a friend’s house, but I had to tell her that I had my hands full and she was going to have to try and figure out by herself. I was resting my right hand on her left knee. Slowly, I slid my hand up her skirt, brushing gently against her panties, toying with her mound. That’s when she told me she would show me her tits if I took her! Surprisingly, she decided lifted her bra, reclined her seat all the way back, and placed my hand on her bare breast. Extremely turned on by now, I looked in the rear view mirror and at her lovely titties. Her cunt was so soaked she must have wetted the car seat. That was pretty hot, but she was going to have to try much harder to convince me. Without a word she unzipped my pants as I drove and started stroking my cock, giving me a handjob from the passenger seat! She leaned over, sucking and licking it. She looked so sexy with her nose piercing and slutty makeup, a dirty smile on her face as she gave me head. After sucking my cock, I pulled over on the quiet spot. The sexy blond slut stripped naked and she would not stop until she got her tender lips and wet pussy wrapped around my fat cock! She hopped into the backseat, spreading her legs so I could fuck her dripping wet cunt in missionary position. I guess all the adrenaline rush from getting mugged got her turned on! She had a beautiful pink pussy and I could tell she had just shaved it, probably this very same morning, almost knowing she was going to get fucked by some stranger! Her snatch was dripping wet and while I was fucking her she was rubbing and fingering it. I lied flat on my back so she could sit on my dick and make her booty bounce, riding my hard sausage in reverse cowgirl. I love that position when the girl has a nice booty, as in her case, because I get the best view of it! I put her down on her hands and knees and fucked her doggie style from behind and after blowing my creamy load all over her cute face and watching her swallow it I gave her the ride!



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  1. Anonymous | 20 January 2018, 16:24

    that girl is sexy I would totally have sex with her

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  3. Crisp High Five | 05 December 2016, 04:25

    I think this video would have been better if the guy drove his car into the thief, sending him flying, and then the girl “thanks” the driver for doing so.

  4. Anonymous | 04 December 2016, 12:26

    I would of shot him

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