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While some people date online hoping to hook up with somebody hot and have great sex I discovered that the best way to get laid with hot chicks is driving around the highway, helping out the beautiful girls that get stranded! Today as I drove around I spotted this beautiful brunette babe in a pink top and matching baseball cap, stranded by the side of the road. Looks like her car broke down on her phone was dead, so she really needed a helping hand. She was also wearing this ultra tight pair of shorts that highlighted her juicy bubble shaped butt, and as she leaned over the hood of her car, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off it! Her car needed to get towed, and I was more than willing to toe her meaty bubble ass too, LOL! After giving her a ride to the nearest towing service I offered my house, so she could cool off and wait for her car to get serviced. That would give us plenty of time to have some fun, and after such a stressful day, and grateful for my helping hand, this beautiful bombshell was more than ready for some cock! So there I had this sexy babe, twerking her juicy butt in my living room, giving me dirty looks as I spread her hot pants to the side, exposing her delicious pink clam. I could already see her pussy juices dripping down her slit. Fucking hot! I stripped her naked and I buried my face between her butt cheeks, letting my tongue wriggle in her tender little asshole and licking her cunt. She liked it so much, she was holding on tight to the kitchen counter with one hand and using the other one to push my face as much as she could against her ass! I got her on the kitchen counter, crawling on her hands and knees, gobbling up my sausage, drooling all over it. Man, this bitch knew how to suck a cock! I rammed my dick deep inside her pussy, pounding her hard from behind and sideways over the kitchen counter. She was slippery and wet, eager and willing, begging me to fuck her very hard and opening up wide so she could swallow every drop of cum I had for her! Her long legs spread in split, her juicy bubble shaped butt, her hot tight cunt, she was so hot. I told her I was going to come and she grabbed my buttocks and thrust me into her mouth. She swallowed every last bit.



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