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This sexy blond babe just got the gift she had been waiting for so long, a brand-new, shiny drone! She just can’t wait to try it out! She takes it out of the box, puts on the batteries, turns it on and sets it lose on her neighborhood, running behind it with the remote control in her hands. Now, as the drone flies by her next-door neighbor’s bedroom window, it captures some images that she was not expecting to see. The view of her neighbor’s huge fully erect cock shock her, making her drop the remote control. The drone hits the neighbor’s lawn and when she goes over to pick it up, he is already waiting for her. She might as well get a closer look at his massive sausage! Back in his place, the petite blonde gets on her knees and removes the towel around his waist and his huge erection springs to life just like a Jack in the Box! She is amazed with how big, thick and hard it is, stroking it with her hands and taking it to her wet mouth so she can lick, kiss and suck it. These blues eyes of hers amazing. He holds her head still with his hands, fucking her mouth and throat, stripping her naked and straddling her on top, impaling her dripping with pussy on his massive cock. Tiny naked girl squats, making her juicy bubble butt and nice tits bounce up and down and he presses her body against his own. He’s thrusting his huge cock so deep into her pussy that his balls were slapping against her ass. “You slut, I know you like it. Tell me you want it deeper, bitch.” He starts to grab her titties with his hands as he is doing this. Watching this brute pounds this tiny teen is bloody erotic. He lifts her and fucks her in standing position, cradled in his arms and keeps fucking her with her shoulders pinned against the floor. She has never felt this sensation before so she begins to moan loudly. She even begins to scream! He fucks her hatd nad fast thrusting his 10 inch dick into her wet pussy until he blows his creamy load all over her pretty face and open mouth! What a good idea of pairing Jmac the king of acrobatic porn with hot & superbly good looking tiny blonde Brice.



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  1. Sex | 24 February 2017, 20:15

    Good use for a drone

  2. Damplips start posting everyday | 26 November 2016, 07:37

    Yo why tf damplips gotta post once every week and a half I can’t take this anymore

  3. girls only | 25 November 2016, 23:48

    kik zeroplaying girls only

  4. Anonymous | 25 November 2016, 18:40

    That blonde looked so sexy I would love to have sex with her her body is beautiful

  5. I know her | 23 November 2016, 21:30

    She went and graduated my high school I had sex wither

  6. I know her!! | 21 November 2016, 18:30

    Lmao I took her virginity in highschool, so proud to see her make it this far :,)

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  8. Anonymous | 19 November 2016, 05:12

    brice bardot

  9. Anonymous | 19 November 2016, 00:07

    Yo this guy is in every porno, ruins the mood. Ugly ass bald dude.

  10. Anonymous | 18 November 2016, 11:51

    Big ass eyes

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    Who is this?

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    More of this please

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