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This wayward teen’s teacher has come over to her house on the weekend to see if he can talk some sense into her. He even took time off his weekend to talk with her and her parents. She’s been misbehaving and skipping classes, walking with the wrong crowd, and he fears for her future. So considerate of him! We need more teachers like him! She storms off to her bedroom and he gets permission from her parents to “talk to her” in private. Once in her bedroom he lets her know he can tell she’s just turning into another little teenage slut, and he knows how to deal with little teenage sluts. He pulls down his pants and shows her his massive throbbing erection, pushing her face against his crotch and ramming his hard sausage deep down her throat. This is the kind of discipline she’s been lacking at home and at school. After fucking her mouth and making her gag and choke on his cock he slaps her face with it, smearing it with her own drool and his precum. She opens up wide so she can keep sucking her teacher’s huge dick. Looks like she’s learning her lesson! No longer a rebellious teen, now she’s a submissive, obedient little fuck slut. But this lesson is just getting started! He puts her on her back with her head dangling over the side of her bed, fucking her mouth with his big cock while rubbing her snatch and groping her tits. Her drool drips down the sides of her lips, running down her cheeks and her hair. He makes her lick and suck on his balls, smeared with drool and precum. He rips her clothes off and puts her down on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed pushing her face against the mattress as he rams his big hard cock deep inside her dripping wet cunt, pounding her doggie style from behind, she is, after all, his bitch. The teen slut gets the fucking of her life. He fucks her hard and rough while she rubs her dripping wet snatch and begs him to keep fucking her harder, faster, deeper and rougher. He spreads her legs grabs the young teen’s hips and really starts to fuck her in missionary position with his huge cock. Her teen body begins to tremble with sexual shock. It is a deep, convulsive orgasm. He grabs her head and keeps going harder and harder, pumping her senseless. His long cock is sliding all the way in and out of her, pumping her good, making wet sloshing noises with his balls slapping her. With every stroke, his monster cock hits her uterus and she cries out with pleasure, moaning beneath him. She is his little slut and that her pussy belongs to him and he fucks her like an animal! I’m not sure the teen slut will be able to walk after this. He grabs her around the waist and lifts her up and keeps fucking the shit out of her, making her sexy naked body, nice tits and juicy bubble butt bounce up and down. The crazy teen slut begins bucking her hips up and down at first, then side-to-side, in sort of a circular motion. She keeps pushing her hips up to meet each thrust he makes “Harder,” she sreams, “Fuck me harder.” Pulling her hips towards him, he slams his cock deep within her over and over. The deeper he pushes the harder she pulls him close. She is yelling “Fuck me! FUCK ME!” she screams over and over. “Grab my tits”, she commands and he begins squeezing her tits hard. He pounds her pussy and slaps her ass, then he munches on her clam and tongue fucks her, making her scream from another powerful, trembling, unbelievable orgasm. He eats her pussy so good she is climbbing further up in the bed trying to get away from the pleasure. The mom’s little whore gets back on top, furiously riding his dick, grinding her hips, swaying her hips in a corkscrew motion and rubbing her muff, with her teacher flipping her from cowgirl to reverse and back.



Its important to know how to ride a dick! This slut needs to help in teaching a class on that. “you bitch, fuck me, fuck me harder” she screams as wild body shaking orgasms rock her body over and over. After fucking this little fuck doll in every possible position he can see that she has learned her lesson and will behave better from now on so he blows his load all over her face and open mouth. The cum is splashing onto her face and covering her with sperm. This is when they hear “My baby is a whore!” her mom can hear her moaning in pleasure as her slutty daughter milks every spurt that shoot out of the teasher’s huge cock. The slut just licks the leftover spunk from her glasses! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the one and only Kimmy Granger in the best hardcore fucking! Spectacular girl, flawless and really loves the dick!



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