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Some months ago, my doctor ordered me to hike daily and I hated him for it but now I actually have to send him for his advice because I met the sexiest girl on the planet during my latest hiking trip. A beautiful brunette babe with a smoking hot body, great tits and sexy long legs. With those gorgeous tits it was impossible for this teen babe not to get noticed. She had the killer body. I approached her and we started talking, I had my camera with me and asked if I could film her. As it turns out, she loves being filmed, it gets her turned on! As it turns out, she’s also quite the exhibitionist. Soon she started flashing me her tits while I filmed her. She looked so hot teasing her sexy ass and full breasts. We hiked to a nearby area where we were completely alone, and she squatted and started pissing while I filmed her, fucking hot, man! She was squirting pee almost right into my face! She sat down by some rocks, spread her legs, pulled her hiking shorts aside and began rubbing and fingering her dripping wet cunt. She stood up, turned, bent over and pulled her shorts down, exposing her beautiful bubble shaped ass while telling me how much her dripping with pussy needed a big hard cock inside it instead of her fingers. With her beautiful, exquisite good looks and a super model’s perfect body, she know that she could have any man she wanted. The hot babe did some incredible things on camera and begged me to fuck her! Not like she really needed to begged me, you dig? I took her back to my place, where she stripped naked for me and my camera, dancing naked, doing acrobatics, showing off her flexibility with splits and spreads, teasing me, exposing her pussy and sexy ass. She looked so good when she did it. She had an insatiable sexual appetite! Fully naked she went out to the back yard, did some naked cartwheels, then peed again on my front lawn! She said she loved to masturbate and even more, fuck herself anally!!!


She spread her ass and shoved a dildo up her cunt while I fucked her tight asshole with another one! She was rubbing her clit while I was plunging the dildo deeper and deeper in her tight anal tunnel. She spread her legs wide open and showed me her swollen clit. I got extreme closeups of her anus, her super pretty pussy, and labia stretching. She placed one with a suction cup against the wall and leaned against it, fucking herself in the ass. Her little ass hole was so tight! Then fully naked she gave me a lap dance, showing off her full natural breasts, teasing me with her pretty shaved vagina, that was completely wet. I made love to her in every position that night and came again and again. This babe is a new level of beauty! Download the 4K Ultra HD version and save it to your collection of all time favorite sex scenes.



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