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This sexy chick is supposed to be enjoying a romantic dinner with her boyfriend at this fancy restaurant, but after handsome waiter takes their order, she seems to be far more interested in checking out his phone, so she decides to check out the waiter’s hard cock! After letting him know she would like to try a big juicy sausage, she goes to the restroom and he follows her. Once inside, she pounces on him, unbuttoning his shirt as she makes out with him. The slut gets on her knees and pulls down his pants and boxers, looking over her shoulder to make sure nobody interrupts them as she takes a look at his big hard throbbing erection. She sucks and strokes it, lifting it up so she can lick his balls, it’s as big and as hard and juicy as she ordered it! He bends her over the bathroom counter, hiking up her dress, spreading her delicious ass cheeks with his hands and tongue fucking her tender little asshole. While he tosses her salad he fingers her dripping wet cunt and rams his hard cock deep inside her snatch, pounding her from behind against the counter. She can see her reflection on the mirror as she gets fucked by the waiter and she rubs her clam and begs him to fuck her deeper, harder and faster. She gets on top of the counter and puts her body sideways so the waiter can continue banging her in missionary position. Sweat pours down their bodies as they continue fucking and they move to the corner of the restroom where she holds on tight to the metal handlebars while he continues pounding her tight muff with his big throbbing member. She remembers the time with her boyfriend used to pay more attention to her and he would be the one banging her in the restaurant bathroom, but that’s okay, the waiter’s cock is so much bigger and harder than her boyfriend’s and he is also much more gifted lover than he could ever be. When he’s about to cum, she begs him to blow his load inside her, feeling up her pussy with his hot semen and leaving a sticky creampied oozing from her spread pussy lips as she plays with. When she spreads her pussy at the end you can see her vagina is sopping wet with his cum. Utterly satisfied with service provided by the waiter I will make sure her boyfriend leaves a good tip, LOL!



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