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Thanksgiving used to suck for this guy when he was younger, he was the only child, and his parents were always arguing! But now that they got divorced and his dad remarried, Thanksgiving is a blast! After all, he gets to pass time with his sexy stepsister and his dad’s new wife is laid back and there’s never any fighting in the house! It’s Thanksgiving evening and his stepsister walks into his bedroom to wake him up from his nap. The little girl pulls down the covers and realizes her stepbrother is totally naked and she can’t help admiring his sexy body, his hairy legs… and that morning wood! Maybe she’ll sneak in an early Thanksgiving treat! His dick looks so nice that the teen girl can’t stop herself from touching his morning wood, tasting it and kissing it. His naughty stepsister gently takes his cock to her wet mouth, feeling it get bigger and harder as he wakes up, startled to see his very own stepsister sucking his dick! He likes it, but the family is downstairs waiting for them! They dress and rendezvous in the kitchen, where his dad and his stepmom are. While their parents talk, he gets close to his stepsis and reaches under her tight red dress and purple panties, rubbing her muff while their parents prep the bird, lol! If they only knew their kids are cooking something of their own too! The family sits at the dinner table and while they give thanks the little teen slut reaches under the table and rubs his bulge over his pants, well, there’s something she’s thankful for! He gets up and excuses himself and she follows, and once in his room, he spreads her legs and eats her out! His sexy step sister strips naked on his bed and bends over on her hands and knees as she penetrates her from behind, stuffing her pussy with his cock. This girl looks amazing – small, petite, young naked girl, who definitely wants to get her little pussy fucked hard. She pushes her juicy bubble butt against his cock and he slaps it, it feels so fucking good and so fucking dirty to be fucking her very own stepbrother, she loves it! The little teen slut sits on his dick and rides him, and then he flips her on her back, spreads her legs wide, and fucks her in missionary position. She puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it like crazy. Good thing the parents are busy downstairs and don’t notice how long they’re taking to come back to the dinner table! This gives him time to stuff his stepsister like a thanksgiving turkey, just with lots of hot cum instead of stuffing, lol! I like the way he holds her mouth with his hand when she cums, awesome. He fucks his little step sister and finally cums in her. This crazy family is fucked UP. Click here for more amazing scenes:



Sex and porn runs in the family right here at Family Strokes! A natural mix of the neighborhood mature stepmoms, older stepdads, barely legal stepsisters and even the college going stepbrother falling into some serious family fun. In this age of the extended family, nothing is taboo behind closed doors. These step-family relations can lead to some awkward, and not to mention promiscuous good times, and you get to see it all happen here, with tons of hardcore videos featuring stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepdad and stepmom action! The best threesome and foursome scenes with young teen girls and sexy naked women. Cum inside and find out how these step relatives learn how to bond XXX style. Watch all their taboo sexual adventures!



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  1. Sexygirl | 20 June 2016, 13:59

    That turkey was sexier than this scene!

  2. Poor addict | 16 June 2016, 23:47

    Yea and the parents were doing what while all this happened? Fucking? Eating the plastic turkey? Fucking the turkey?

  3. Wtf | 30 May 2016, 21:24

    All the food was plastic, lmfao

  4. Emma | 17 February 2016, 01:11

    That turkey ain’t real

  5. tonio martial | 28 December 2015, 04:08

    that was awsome she must have felt so hard.

  6. Anonymous | 23 December 2015, 15:23

    sex I love sex

  7. Anonymous | 22 December 2015, 22:10

    The turkey is blow up

  8. Anonymous | 21 December 2015, 13:12

    Angel sims

  9. Porn addict | 21 December 2015, 09:14

    Rubbish video was not even close to sexy

  10. Turkey | 21 December 2015, 07:05

    hey dont judge my kind

  11. Anonymous | 21 December 2015, 04:52

    Is that turkey an inflatable? O.o

  12. Hacktivist 666 | 20 December 2015, 12:46

    You can tell this is acted out because the camera is making noise and the mom and dad don’t notice him with his arm near her crotch

  13. Lol | 19 December 2015, 21:22

    That turkey XDXDXD

  14. anon | 19 December 2015, 11:04

    What’s her name please

  15. A-dog | 19 December 2015, 06:36

    Sure its hot and all, but where is the stuffing and mashed potatoes!?

  16. Faze Rain | 18 December 2015, 19:46

    Dude that turkey though

  17. Anonymous | 18 December 2015, 05:53

    What’s her name

  18. FaZe Adapt | 18 December 2015, 00:36

    Hahaha, this is so fucked up! Cody,you missed out on the plastic dinner!

  19. Lol | 17 December 2015, 23:53

    Tells her to be quiet while the bed is going ham on the wall.

  20. Anonymous | 17 December 2015, 21:55

    It’s a fucking inflatable Turkey the fuck didn’t they buy a real one for?

  21. Anonymous | 17 December 2015, 17:21

    Did anyone else notice the fake turkey and fruit?

  22. Good ol' budget porn | 17 December 2015, 16:18

    That is indeed an inflatable turkey

  23. Anonymous | 17 December 2015, 14:41

    family strokes for the win

  24. Anonymous | 17 December 2015, 14:40

    that turkey

  25. Anonymous | 17 December 2015, 12:59

    The inflatable turkey

  26. K | 17 December 2015, 12:50

    is that an inflatable turkey?