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Let’s face it, meeting your girlfriend’s parents is always an awkward moment, but for this guy, it gets really awkward when he first meets his girlfriend’s dad and stepmom! Her dad is an okay guy, actually pretty mucky, he remarried with a smoking hot mature blonde with big tits and when they sit at the dinner table, she sits right by the boyfriend’s side and casually reaches under the table and starts massaging his cock and balls! He tries to keep a straight face, and then his girlfriend “drops” a fork and while she gets under the table to look for it, she starts giving him a blowjob! Good thing her dad gets up and hits the bathroom, he hopes he stays there a long time so he can figure out what to do with his cock crazy girlfriend and her even cock crazier stepmom! The MILF orders her stepdaughter to do the dishes and drags him to another rest room, where she pulls down her panties, bends over and tells him to bang her from behind! She don’t need to ask twice, you don’t wanna disappoint your future mother in law on the first meeting, right? She moans, tries to sound quieter, when his young throbbing dick is all they way in her hungry twat. Girlfriend’s stepmom holds her hand over her mouth, fearing of it being too loud. I love the way the half naked woman is getting fucked inside the window pane! After fucking her she gets down on her knees and sucks his dick, when the girlfriend steps into the bathroom and joins her, licking his balls while her stepmom smokes his pole! The girls move into the next room and start taking off their clothes. Looks like his girlfriend’s dad went upstairs to take a nap, so they have all the time they need to fuck in a steamy threesome! His naked girlfriend straddles herself atop his hard cock and rides him while her stepmom rims her asshole, it’s the hottest shit he’s ever seen and been involved in! He can’t believe he’s fucking his girlfriend and her own stepmother while her dad, and her husband, sleeps it off upstairs! Mom and daughter, which pussy is better? After his sexy girl rides his dick, it’s her stepmom’s turn and the mature slut’s tight pussy gets impaled on his boner as she bounces up and down his lap and tells them how much bigger and harder his dick is than her husband’s! Naked woman shows her stepdaughter how to ride her bf’s dick, bouncing and grinding on it. The teen slut licks her big tits and nipples while her boyfriend is fucking her sexy stepmom. I could watch all day as these naked girls take turns getting their pussies fucked. He fucks them in all positions and pretty soon he’s blowing his load all over both girls’ faces and bodies!



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