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Freshmen college students dorm sextape! Yeah, these freshmen are new in Campus, but they are already way ahead of the game, hosting and filming their first toga party and college sex tapes! Of course it helps to have sexy co-eds in attendance and right now they are playing a very fun game! The guys are blindfolded and the sexy girls are letting them feel out their boobs, and based on touch alone, they must identify the girl by her breasts! It makes sense that the guys can’t figure it out at first touch, you know, so they need to really touch, caress, feel, rub and massage those beautiful soft boobs. Since this guy managed to guess the most boobs and girls, he gets a prize! He lies on one of the dorm room beds and this sexy redhead straddles herself atop his rock hard cock and rides him. While these two have fun, four other college girls entertain themselves with hot lesbian action on the other bed. Of course they check out the couple fucking, after all, they want to know when it’s their turn to ride on that sexy hard cock! The redhead riding cock is facing a mirror and you can tell she loves looking at herself while fucking, hey, a little bit of narcissism is not a bad thing, especially when you’re as hot as her! Now the college slut gets on her hands and knees and pushes her juicy bubble butt up and down while her lover pumps her from behind doggie style, their naked bodies sweating as they make love. Around them, the other naked girls eat each other out and climax as the guy pulls out of the redhead’s pussy and blows his load all over her butt and lower back, spraying it with his spunk. Hot dorm party!



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