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I was at the beach the other day with my camera, getting some footage of the area for a nature inspired documentary I was hired to film, when this breathy taking brunette babe passed jogging by my camera lens and totally captivated me! Her hair was wet and she was wearing a skimpy two piece bikini and as she jogged, her big jugs bounced up and down like those life saver chicks in Baywatch! I turned my camera to her and she noticed she was now the main subject of my filming, and she liked that! Not only was she posing for me, she was striking the most sensual and suggestive poses, running her hands up and down her body and full breasts while giving me dirty looks! Those tits were beautiful and her face was gorgeous. What a perfect body! I wrapped up the session and took her back to my motel room, where I removed her bikini top and poured generous amounts of baby oil all over her hot body as we made out! My dick was as hard as a rock and she pressed her juicy bubble butt against it, letting it sink between the crack of her ass! Naked girl dropped to her knees and I fed her my dick, she sucked it and licked my balls like a dirty bitch, rubbing my throbbing member between her slippery oiled up big tits. She straddled herself atop my cock and I rammed it deep inside her wet cunt, banging her hard and watching her big bubble tits bounce up and down as she rode my erection. I fucked her, made her suck my cock and fingered her pussy, finally blowing my load all over those beautiful big tits! Hot, Sexy, and especially liked how she took her mouth getting fucked and ate cum after I exploded over her tits! She could end up being the greatest Fuck Bunny of all.



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