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This hot blonde had been off the dating scene for quite some time, and by the end of her first date with this hot stud, she was worried that she might be a little bit rusty. Now that he has her half naked on the couch, with her legs spread wide open as he eats her out, she realizes that fucking is like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it, you never forget! With her perky tits and puffy nipples pulled over her bra and top, she relaxes and enjoys the oral gratification her date is providing her with! It feels so good to finally feel a man’s tongue fucking her twat after such a long time going sexless! He kisses her lips and she can taste her own pussy on his lips and tongue and when she feels that hard, throbbing cock pushing its way inside her cunt, parting her tender pink pussy lips, it’s just like touching heaven with her finger tips! He holds her by her firm thighs and thrusts his massive erection in and out of her, the rhythm is perfect and she fights hard not to cum on the spot… it’s been so long! He’s groping her tits and she’s pressing his crotch against her butt, feeling how that cunt thirsty dick is filling her up, stuffing her like a Thanksgiving turkey! He puts her on her knees and bangs her from behind, she straddles herself atop his hard knob and rides it vigorously. He spreads her ass cheeks with his hands and inserts his fingers deep inside her tight asshole while his cock plows her twat and she gets ready to be on the receiving end of a massive cum shot that leave her drenched in hot, sticky man cum! Hot scene, amazing creampie. I love it when Nicole tells him “release inside me”, super arousing. When she orgasms, a new universe comes into being. Pure beauty! This babe is dedicated to the art of love making and this sex scene shows it all.



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