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Coco is a spunky Latina babe with braces staying in town for a few weeks that I met online and I asked her out on a coffee date. She showed up in tight, sexy clothes and after just a few minutes of conversation, she insisted I finish up my latte so she could invite me over to her motel room, just a few blocks away. I mean, we had been flirting pretty heavily online, so I already had my hopes up with this hot Latina chick. She flashed me her striped panties on the stairs and by the time we reached the fourth floor, my dick was as “up” as my hopes! She saw my bulge and smiled, pulling the panties to the side and showing me her naked pussy, sitting on the stairs and spreading her legs as she fingered herself and told me to pop my dick in her mouth! Lol, we even got caught by an eavesdropper as she was giving me head, that just made us hornier! Back at her room, she rode my dick and her heavenly bubble shaped ass was a sight to die for! I made her get down on all fours and banged her doggie style too, this bitch was on fire! Her round ass was amazing! Spunky babe couldn’t stop riding my cock cowgirl style and I couldn’t get enough of her tight moist twat on my cock! Switching things up, I made her to lie face down on the bed so that I could pound her lovely snatch from behind. Finally I pulled out my throbbing cock and released my seed into her open mouth that was just waiting for my hot cumshot. Watch more movies in true HD at Latina Sex Tapes!



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