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Today I have something special for all fans of naked girls. A whole group of naked girls working out in the gym! Pledges get hazed in the gym by the naughty sorority sisters! The sisters made their rushes workout in this gym until they all got super sweaty and finaly the girls got a serious workout with each other with extensive pussy licking, spreading, and masturbation. These young girls were shocked! The sisters made naked girls start to eat each others pussies and even more they made a giant human centipede of pussy eating!!! One of the girls says: The sorority sisters have been giving us hell, but we are pledges and we’ll do what it takes to be accepted into the sisterhood! Today they took us to the gym, made us get naked and work out while they observed and directed us. I can still remember myself drenched in sweat and pulling weights with this sister shouting orders at me and pretty much denigrating me, but you know what, it really turned me on. I was lying on the bench totally naked with weights in my hands while one of the girls began to touch my clit and my erect nipples. The other naked girls were busy making out too, and it was so hot watching them work out naked while the sisters, dressed in the gym outfits, toyed with their bodies, touching and caressing their pussies and nipples as they exercised. Then they made one of the girls lean over the exercise ball and made the rest of us line up and eat out her ass and pussy! It was something totally new for me, I’ve never tried to lick a pussy before. They even made us form a human centipede leading all the way to the head sister, so fucking hot!



When girls get into college, some of them will do anything, and I mean anything, to get accepted into the sorority and become a full pledged sister and Haze Her is about all these girls. The raunchiest and dirtiest initiation and hazing is here to be seen in high quality video. Watch and jerk off to these sexy college girls submitting to the wishes and orders of their sisters, having hot lesbian action, licking pussy and using dildos to fuck their pussies and asses in front of the camera! New scenes and girls get added all the time so don’t miss out!



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