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I met Katka on the train. Her long, silky blonde hair and stunning looks caught my eye and I knew I wanted to see her naked, down on her knees and sucking my cock! The train was pretty empty but I still approached her and asked if I could sit by her side. It took me some time to convince her, but if my sweet talking didn’t get the job done, the wad of cash I offered her to accompany me back to my hotel did! There Katya stroked my hard cock and sucked it like a candy pop and I told her to bend over the bed so I could fuck her sweet, tight pussy from behind. She got into it and was really enjoying herself as I drilled her tight pussy in missionary and squeezed her big titties as hard as I could. She told me to rub her clit while fucking her, so she could cum really hard with my cock inside her! Once she was playing and touching herself I knew she had forgotten all about the money and was fucking with me for the sheer pleasure of it!



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  1. Anonymous | 17 June 2015, 10:36

    Her name: Mia Angel

  2. Johny12345zzz | 28 July 2014, 22:44

    damn, she is just as slutty as my female friend. One night she was sleeping in my bedroom during a party and i went to her and started touching her small tits. When she woke up she got mad and yet i was still groping her tits and sliding my hand down her pants. She moaned like a slut and cried alittle. I started kissing her and she was resisting and after a while she gave up and just went for it. I pulled down her pants and bent her over the bed and started fucking her small tight virgin pussy. She scream silently in pain and I grabbed her tits and fucked her so hard her pussy got bruised after a while. She had an orgasm twice. 15 minutes later she told me with play with her pussy while fucking her and so I did. She moaned and came again and again. Then she started making out with me and kept saying “i love you” and “fuck me hard”. Thats when i knew i owned her. Even though her boyfriend and her are still together i fucked her every night.

  3. Anonymous | 29 April 2014, 19:52

    lol u told her ur not gonna put on internet, your asshole

  4. god | 07 March 2014, 04:59

    she’s awesome

  5. Anonymous | 06 March 2014, 23:20

    Do u want my number, whoever wants to fuck?

  6. tim | 25 October 2013, 14:43

    who wants to have sex with me

  7. Kate | 09 September 2013, 23:08

    Soooo hot!!!

  8. nina | 08 September 2013, 12:25

    she is such a slut

  9. Anonymous | 07 September 2013, 16:59

    such a horny slut

  10. Anonymous | 03 September 2013, 18:17


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  12. Anonymous | 31 August 2013, 11:43

    Yeah your right very suckablec;

  13. Anonymous | 30 August 2013, 06:41

    Lol I want to fuck her

  14. Jessica E Catino | 27 August 2013, 19:27

    I like her breasts. Very suckable.