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Two naked girls watching each other masturbate! You have to wonder what’s got this sexy nubile girl so turned on that she’s naked on the couch, rubbing her wet muff while massaging her breasts with baited breath. Her roommate is very curious too, as she walks into the living room in her sexy panties and bra and sits by her side. She plays with herself too, fondling her tiny pussy over her panties and reaching underneath while watching her friend play with herself too. Turns out these two love masturbating together, watching each other to see which one cums first, or even better, if they cam cum at the same time! The curly haired brunette removes her bra so she can play with her own boobies too and slips the panties down her sensual thighs. Now the girls are both naked and spread eagled, masturbating their muffs, fingering their slits, teasing their clits and watching each other to turn themselves on further more! Naked girls take a double ended dildo and each one inserts one end inside their wet pussies and now co-joined as one single lesbian entity, they fuck each end of this sexual toy, getting closer and closer to an earth shattering double climax! Hey girls, do you like to play with your pussies? Have you ever tried to masturbate together with an other girl?



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  1. anonymous | 22 November 2016, 01:00

    Daniel Daniels is the reason I love porn Everything about her makes me so hard. The part with the the toy really makes me explode just watching them thrash and destroy there dripping wet pussies is orgasmic

  2. Anonymous | 28 October 2016, 19:34

    I love lesbians even if they may or may not love me!!! HAHA HA

  3. hotwife | 03 April 2016, 09:42

    the both bitchs maked me horny

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  5. Anonymous | 25 May 2015, 15:20

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  6. Anonymous | 04 January 2015, 23:20

    Damn Dani Daniels

  7. Mitchell75 | 28 December 2014, 00:52

    It doesn’t get any more erotic than this.

  8. juuan | 10 December 2014, 10:08

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  9. phil goss | 25 September 2014, 10:18

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