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What do you say about anal sex for the first time as a birthday gift for your girlfriend? This sleeping teen is just about to wake up to her first day as an 18 year old, and her boyfriend wants to make sure he’s the first one to greet her with a hot cup of b-day coffee! He has such a special birthday gift in store for her! After she sips her coffee and gets her b-day kiss, his hands glide all over her slim body, exposing her tiny titties and making her kneel over the bed on all fours while he gets naked and strokes his meat pole. Skinny naked girl rubs his balls and massages his shaft, she likes the gift of morning wood he has for her and after sucking his cock, he turns her over, pulls down her panties and starts banging her young juicy pussy. She understands what her boyfriend meant by a special birthday gift as he rams his huge cock up her tight asshole and pops her anal cherry! She loves it so much, she sucks his cock to taste her own asshole on it while cupping his shaved balls in her hands and rides him in reverse cowgirl, first with his dick up her snatch and then up her asshole again! Now that she knows what anal is all about, she can’t get enough!



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