Naked girls in a human centipede

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Just look at the pic! These girls remind me The Human Centipede, lol! Were these naked girls connected into a centipede to each other “mouth to pussy”? Ok, it is not a horror movie, it’s just cute naked lesbian sluts undergo their sorority hazing! The sisters in this sorority are into fitness, so it makes perfect sense that they haze their pledges at the gym. The girls are totally naked and while one of them lays over an exercising ball with one of the sisters sitting on top of her, the other girl is given the task of rimming her tight asshole and licking her pussy. The sister makes sure that naked girl eats plenty of ass and pussy, and smack the receiving pledge’s ass while shoving the other’s face against her ass crack. There are more nude girls lined up behind this one, each one waiting for her turn to get hazed and eat some pledge asshole! When they get done, one of the sisters spreads her legs over a Nautilus and orders the girls to eat her out while they form a pussy licking human centipede! Each girl is eating out the pledge in front of her, and the lucky girl at the front of the line gets to eat out the sister. When they are done, naked girls get to hit the showers for even more hot lesbian pussy fingering and licking!



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