Standing beside the pool the two naked girls fondles each others butts

While standing beside the pool the two girls take turns peeling off their bikinis, playing with each others butts, and wagging their tongues at each others ass holes. Bambi proceeds to give Peaches an oily rub down massaging her back. Her breasts are oiled up, manipulated, and jiggled around. Peaches gradually works all 5 fingers from one hand all the way up Bambi’s pussy to the last knuckle (almost fisting). There’s also lot’s of 2 finger pussy spreads with the vagina open and the pee hole prominently in view.



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  1. charlie | 23 August 2008, 19:14

    you gays have nice pussy and ass… you needmy dick your pussy and your ass to fuck u soo good…..

  2. charlie | 23 August 2008, 19:13

    you gays have nice pussy and ass…