Girls sneak a big dick into the dorm room

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Would you agree with me when I say that this is a dream of every guy, hardcore fuck with four naughty schoolgirls? These girls are so excited, because they managed to sneak a guy into their dorm room and now the girls have him naked and with a huge hard-on! His balls and dick are totally shaven and as the rest of the girls watch, the sexy brunette in charge grabs that meaty pole in her avid hands and starts giving her guy a wet blowjob. She cups his balls in her hands and deepthroats his shaft and soon the rest of the curious girls join in, they want to touch, stroke and suck too! Teens take turns masturbating and giving him head, then one of the girls climbs to the upper bunk bed and spreads her legs; while the brunette babe eats her out, he fucks her tight pussy from behind with the other girls watching. Then the girl in the upper bunk replaces her and feels that huge dick drilling her snatch while the other students reach underneath their wet cotton panties and rub one out to the fantastic show they are being provided with! If you’re lover of naked girls sharing one cock in hardcore style you’re not going to find a better video than this. Look at these hot teens getting their tight pussies fucked all possible positions and styles. Their sweet moans of pleasure fill the dorm room. This lucky dude enjoys four young pussies until he cums, shooting his sperm right over their cute faces.


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    Red Bow: Faye Reagan
    Pigtails: Lily Carter
    Blonde: Teagan Summers
    Glasses: Lizz Tayler

    Both parts can be found by a Google search.

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