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Candi is a hot Latina babe I met at the market and terribly turned on by her curvy body, big tits and sexy accent, I invited her over to my place for some drinks and conversation. As we sat in my balcony, the precious Latina bombshell plucked one of her big melon tits from underneath her dress and showed me it! I guess that’s her way of saying “Thanks for the drinks!” She squeezed it and took her nipple to her lips, licking it and rubbing her muff over her panties underneath the table! I took her to the bedroom and big titted naked girl got down on her knees, grabbing my big fat cock and slapping it against her tits! She gave me a boob job and after rubbing my dick between her cantaloupes she turned over so I could fuck her tight Latina ass from behind. The way she rode my dick was incredible, grinding her pussy against my hard cock and letting her big tits bounce up and down, begging me to impale her on my erection and blow my load all over her breath taking naked body!



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  1. Naughty Bitch | 28 July 2017, 21:46

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  6. Anonymous | 30 July 2015, 00:46

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  7. Alissa C DiCarlo | 24 April 2013, 20:40

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  8. Jay black | 24 April 2013, 06:24

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