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Check out these half naked women, wearing just black stockings with a hole between the legs. The girls just returned from the store and decided to try on their new sexy lingerie. When Malena saw her friend completely naked she was so turned on and offered her to try something new in her sexual life. Naked girls started kissing like they were madly in love with each other. At first Malena gently licked out her pussy, till her pussy got fully wet and then she lay down on the chair with her legs up in the air, showing her yummy pussy to Kennedy. Malena spread her buttocks with her hands to get her pussy licked in return. To her surprise this amateur lesbian dove into her pussy like it was a pumpkin pie. Just look how this girl licks pussy to Malena, not missing a single inch between the legs, fondling her clit and dipping her tongue deep into her yummy vagina. Women swapped around until both of them came multiple times. If you a fan of pussy licking, then this video right is for you!



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