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This naughty brunette girlfriend and her guy are fooling around in the kitchen, trying to keep it quiet because the brunette’s stepmom is home, working in her studio, but this guy is just too fucking horny and when he has her bent over the fridge and pumping her with his big dick, their moaning and grunting attract the attention of Kendra, the hot stepmom in the house! Kendra is not upset with the fact that her stepdaughter is fucking with her boyfriend in her kitchen, what upsets her is how bad he is at it! Hot mom is decided to teach them a thing or two about sex as she strokes her stepdaughter’s boyfriend’s hard cock, gives him a blowjob and then makes her stepdaughter eat out her snatch and asshole while he watches them! With her pussy and ass lubed up, she makes the boyfriend fuck her and then her girlfriend, so he can compare both pussies and assholes and understand the proper way to pleasure a woman. Of course, she enjoys having hot lesbian sex with her naughty stepdaughter while she is at it. Today is a good day for this dude!



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  1. Kid _that_will_like_have_sex when older | 17 February 2015, 14:28

    I would love to have ax with that stepmother

  2. hkgthv | 01 August 2013, 21:23


  3. Jonathan Swift | 25 March 2013, 18:41

    Mark Hashim
    Soc Sec # 151-92-5789
    DOB 03/20/78
    27 Ferris Rd, Edison, NJ 08817

  4. Anonymous | 13 March 2013, 19:19

    hot ass mom i want to fuck her

  5. Anonymous | 04 March 2013, 05:05

    I love beautiful girls