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Blonde college co-ed fucks with her boyfriend after a long time away. This blond co-ed babe really missed her man, her college is far away from him, and now he finally arrived on a visit. Of course the first order of business is to fuck! They take off their clothes and the spunky blonde leans over the couch and gets fucked from behind by her man, how much she missed that big hard cock penetrating her tight pussy and making her cum over and over! This is a great position for fucking, she can lean against the couch or place her hands on the wall and he can reach over and play with her natural tits and puffy nipples, plus the sensation of her ass cheeks smacking against his crotch feels great for both! The more intense it gets, the faster, deeper and harder he nails her, pushing her against the couch and ramming that throbbing cock deep inside her tight vaginal funnel. Pounding his naked girlfriend from the back in doggy style he cums right in her. His dick is still hard so he keeps fucking his girlfriend. After a short break they change positions as she moves to another couch and spreads her legs, she wants to have him between them, giving it to her really good in missionary position, so she can see that horny look on his face while he pounds her snatch and he can get turned on by the aroused, excited and flushed expression on hers. He takes over the camera as the POV director and puts his dick deep in her tight college snatch! There is no doubt that these two missed each other, they wanna make this love making session last as long as possible, but you can tell this guy is close to the point of no return, he missed cumming all over his chick! Watch her drop to her knees and get ready for a nice, creamy facial cumshot that will leave her face covered in cum, dripping all over her body and unto the floor. What an insanely hot fuck!



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