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Mia Malkova is a sultry blonde and Casana Lei a breath taking redhead and together the girls make an explosive duo! Two naked girls are making out and French kissing, they enjoy swapping tongue and getting a taste of each other before sharing a new lover. Matter of fact, Mia has a new man and Casana is joining them in bed for a threesome, he just doesn’t know it yet because he is still sleeping off the last hot fuck they had and the girls are, well, getting started without him. Casana nests her head between Mia’s long legs and eats her out, fingering her snatch and licking her slit and clit. This wakes up the boyfriend, and he gets to suck on Casana’s pussy while Mia sucks his big throbbing dick. Naked girls share his cock, sucking, stroking and jerking his shaft while licking and massaging his soft balls, he is so big and hard now! Mia climbs on top of that erection and feels it sinking inside her as she rides her man, who is getting his face humped by Casana’s delicious muff and ass! It’s an intense threesome and everybody is having a great time! I especially like the show of Mia’s flexibility in this video, just look at this couple of naked girls licking pussy and sucking cock in a very special way.



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