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You would think there is enough tit and ass to go around at a dorm room party, right? After all, it’s all about horny, hot college girls always ready to drop their panties and fuck. Well, this guy obviously doesn’t agree, that’s why he brings a stripper to this frat party, hoping she will get that party started, right? Well, both guys and girls seem agree with him and soon the breath taking long legged blonde stripper is giving one of the girls a hot erotic lap dance. She strips naked some girl in front of the guys. Two naked girls is much better than one! Everybody else sits back and watches, everybody wants to have their turn with the gorgeous blonde stripper with pierced nipples and once everybody is naked or at least half way through, the fun really starts as the stripper begins giving out blowjobs to all takers! After this sexy girl gets naked she rubs her muff and jerks off some guys. But soon everybody leaves the party. I can say this dorm room party has just begun for this lucky guy! Settled down on the couch this stunning naked girl starts to suck his throbbing cock. Then spreading her legs she begins to masturbate in front of him. He can’t any longer resist the desire of fucking this hot slut! This sexy babe kneels down on all fours on the floor and lets her main customer’s big fat dick fuck her sweet pussy and ass doggy style. This video is more than an hour long, so don’t forget to watch this full video:


Maybe college was all hard work and study for you, but definitely not for these naughty girls and horny frat boys! College life is a non-stop dorm room sex party for them and the best thing is, these girls and jocks film every single frat party they have and then submit the content back here, to Dare Dorm, where you get to see wild and naughty naked girls, masturbating, having lesbian sex, playing with dildos, sucking cock, taking it up the ass, getting fucked and blasted with jizz from all the guys in the dorm! Just look at these girls, they are so hot!



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