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Shyla enjoys eating out her lesbian roommate’s ass and pussy! Check out her in this scene from We Live Together! She has her roommate naked and all curled up like a pretzel in bed, fingering her wet clam and eating out her ass with her silky tongue. Her roommate isn’t even sure how Shyla managed to put her in this yoga like pose, but she doesn’t give a fuck either, her tongue up her ass and her fingers drilling her pussy just feel so fucking-tastic good. I like way these two naked girls do it! Shyla is munching on that ass like it’s the last plate on the table, stopping just to drip more saliva down her friend’s anal funnel and toy with her butt some more. She releases her from her hold and the girls embrace in bed, their pussies pushing and grinding against each other as they make out, swapping tongue and saliva with passionate kisses. Now the other girl is on top, and ready to give Shyla sizzling oral pleasure, her tongue is craving that tight, moist twat so bad. Shyla watches her lesbian friend devouring her, wondering how many times she is going to make her cum. What can be wonderful than a couple of naked girls making love?



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