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Bambi turfs her panties for good and parks her naked ass on top of your face for a good long time. If you really want to soak your brains in some amazing up the ass views don’t miss this video. There’s almost 20 minutes straight of nothing but great pussy and ass spreading action complete with gaping vaginas, bum hole probing, and wiggling bum cheeks. Bambi is actually flexible enough that you can often ogle her anus only inches from your nose while seeing her face in the background at the same time.



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  1. farshid | 07 July 2014, 15:40

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  3. Aaron Noel c. Gillies the cousin of Elizabeth gillies | 30 April 2013, 06:33

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  4. Anonymous | 04 February 2012, 18:13

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  5. Jacob | 30 January 2011, 07:11

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  6. Anonymous | 30 January 2011, 07:09

    that was gruss just show ur boobs insade!:/

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  8. Rocky | 15 June 2008, 09:11

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