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This guy is definitely getting the special treatment when he walks into the massage parlor and orders a 4 hand tantric massage. He is getting attended by two smoking hot Asian girls and he is wondering if he can pull a Travolta with them! The girl working his upper body is dead serious but the one working his thighs is all smiles, more so when she reaches under the towel covering his private parts and starts giving his dick a special massage. Now the other girl is getting into it too and they let their customer know he’s getting a happy ending. The petite brunette Asian girl keeps stroking his dick, removing the towel as the taller black haired babe starts stripping naked. The petite Asian girl gets naked too, as the taller one takes command of his hard cock and gives it some naughty tugs. Then two naked girls give him a double blowjob, sucking his cock and licking his balls, then the brunette girl sits on his face so he can eat her out while the other one sits on his dick and rides it, with the other Asian babe playing with her titties!



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  1. Anonymous | 08 May 2014, 00:32

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  3. Anonymous | 02 March 2014, 12:47

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