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Pussy inspection

Now inside the sauna sitting on the bench Hanna has a really thorough dig in her pussy with four fingers thrusting deep inside her pussy. Hanna lies back with her knees up and just spreads her pussy wide open for inspection. The first half shows her entire spread pussy and ass with her face in the background. It’s a great pose if you like to see everything at once. Then in the second half we move in super close to ogle her wide open vagina while she holds it open. Hanna uses a giant wooden spoon to douse her smouldering pussy with water.



Lia 19 Tantra Chair Shoot For U

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Well it just came in the mail! Which means I am getting ready to cum all over it…. Wait let me back up. I am talking about my new favorite chair / sex toy!

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Young pussy

Teen spreads her young pussy open with her fingers. At first she just shows off her ass spreading the crack with one hand and then massaging her anus with one finger. She spends quite a while fingering her ass hole deep with one finger and we get right up close to ogle all the details at sniffing distance.



Nelly Hunter

Nelly Hunter. Standing next to the arches in an indoor garden Nelly looks totally hot and sexy in her short pink dress. You can see her nipple and her panties through her dress. Nelly stands naked directly over your face and shows off her pussy and ass. Now sitting on a chair Nelly puts her legs up and spread them wide open to expose her privates as much as possible while she just fiddles with her lovely pussy. Before long she grabs a big yellow dildo and sinks it deep up her pussy.



Pantyhose upskirt views

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Pantyhose upskirt views.



Tidy pussy

In a beautiful outdoor fantasyland set Ginger does a slow strip tease peeling out of her top and jean shorts. We get a real thorough look at her super tight and tidy pussy. Now lying back on the log stump chair with her ass hanging off the edge she masturbates first using just her fingers and then using a blue rubber dildo. She spreads her pussy wide open using her fingers. The position is absolutely fantastic displaying her super shapely undercarriage with her pretty private areas all right out in the open and her vagina completely open.




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Cute babe separates her vagina walls good and proper with a speculum so you can examine every inch of her pussy right to the bottom. You get a well lit cervix view while her vagina walls pulse gentle as she squeezes her pussy around the speculum. She on her back with her legs spread wide open. You can see her vagina wall bulging while she wiggle her finger up her ass hole.

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Cutie shows off her gorgeous ass and bald pussy



Delicious pussy

Beyond the initial introduction to this clip we get down under her ass to view the rest of her strip tease from a low angle with maximum pussy and ass exposure. There’s some nice creamy girl goo that gathers around the entrance of her delicious pussy and stays there for much of the video. Adrianna finishes her video with the most graphic of pussy views as she splits her vagina wide open with a speculum. The inside views are really top quality with extensive super close up well lit views of her cervix and her entire vagina.




Zdarma decides to make the most of the spell of the good weather by heading outside. She decides to recapture parts of her lost youth by going for a quick go on a swing. Of course she is soon without knickers and standing on the swing seat, waving her pussy around in front of the camera. She even manages to hold onto the ropes while she spreads – that’s dexterity for you!



Naked Pussy

Teen pulls down her panties to show her young bald pussy. Posing with her knees up girl uses 2 fingers to spread her pussy open. She takes a few minutes to show off her pink clitoris with her hood.



Squirting orgasm

In this strip tease Angela peels out of her green top, jean shorts and pink panties. Angela sits bottomless in a funky orange chair to play with her pussy. Once you get past this you’re treated to some really nice pussy close up views with a little bit of girlie goo glistening in her pussy slit. Angela uses a little pocket rocket vibrator to bring herself to 2 big squirting orgasms. The action is pretty intense with lots of heavy grunting as she gushes several huge squirts and almost hits you in the face.



Pussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashingPussy flashing

We travel back to Portugal, where in a fun public nudity photoseries we get to see this hottie expose those full breasts and private parts. After all manner public, she arrives at the private resort and gets naked, fingers herself on the car, then goes to the balcony in lingerie watching the sunset. Using an orange vibrator, she penetrates herself… Next day in more lingerie & heels she gives her body an oil rub, then visits the pool in a bikini. Finally getting fully naked, she continues to finger herself in several angles.

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Sweet blonde starts masturbating & fingering herself

This sweet blonde arrives with a lot of cute clothes, and tries on a few before going outside to a resort to get naked! Stripping down to nothing at a resort hallway, she then walks down and gets changed into another cute blue dress in the parking lot. Its a hot Arizona day, so she heads over to a water fountain and climbs to the top to spray her private parts with water. Then she starts masturbating & fingering herself… moving indoors she finds a vibrator, and masturbates to orgasm on the couch.



Naked girl with her ass in the air uses two hands to spreads her pussy

Now indoors Renee does a slow strip tease peeling out of her white shirt and jean mini skirt. The action is somewhat sedate as Renee slowly squirms her ass around in the air and sometimes uses two hands to spreads her pussy and ass wide open. We get some really nice as views while she pumps the dildo in her naked pussy. Later she turns over onto her back and starts using a little pink pocket rocket vibrator on her clit. You get a pretty nice up and ass view as she humps and grinds her clit against the vibrator.



Babe uses her hand to penetrate herself deep

This very cute freckly redhead just turned 18 in the summer, and now she is trying her way into adult! We follow her into the house, then watch her undress, and play with her very firm full breasts. She puts on a very sexy shirt & heels, uses a glass toy to penetrate herself deep, and shows us how far she can go. Then it suddenly goes extreme, when she attempts to fist for her first time and succeeds, going deep!


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